Toby Miller: TV is Dead! TV is Reborn!

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I’ve already received a few responses from the Frontiers of New Media participants to my request for abstracts, earlier articles, outlines in progress, etc.–both to help me in my role as commentator but also to introduce you to one another and get our conversations started here in advance of the symposium itself. To those of you who have already responded, many thanks. If you haven’t responded yet, please do send in any materials we can share!

TV is Dead! TV is Reborn! from Toby Miller on Vimeo.

Toby Miller sent a link to this terrific video of a talk he gave virtually at an earlier conference. Entitled “TV is Dead! TV is Reborn!” Toby’s talk surveys (briefly) the history and future of television, linking its cultural role, its global presence, and not least its physical existence–the life course of a television set, he reminds us, runs from “privileged piece of furniture” to “damned piece of furniture” to “outmoded junk full of poisons and pollutants.”

Toby is Chair of the Department of Media & Cultural Studies at the University of California, Riverside. He’s the author or editor of dozens of books about media, television, citizenship, and more. He blogs about the problem of electronic waste and the role of the media in citizenship at GreenCitizen and is on Twitter under the same name. At the Frontiers of New Media symposium, he’ll be on our “New Media and the Environment” panel with a talk tentatively titled “After the Internet.”

Check back here for more information on our participating scholars–and scholars, please send me any materials you have I can share.

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