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The way I’ve been summarizing the papers at Frontiers of New Media 2007 probably makes the symposium seem more disjointed and chaotic than it was. I wanted to showcase the variety of topics we discussed there, the creativity of the presenters, the sheer number of exciting and provocative ideas. But what I really haven’t been able to get across is the sense of creative sparks popping and connections made between these papers and ideas–the way all these disparate topics really seemed to snap together that weekend two years ago.

That kind of snap is our great hope for the 2009 symposium. We don’t really know if or how it can be engineered in advance, but we figure the place to start is by bringing together a critical mass of really interesting people with intelligent ideas. So as I describe the topics of our 2009 symposium, now just a few days away, maybe the mix will seem a little eclectic. There are worse things for an academic conference to be. But I’m pretty confident we’ll have some sparks.

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