2007 Symposium Podcasts

Here are the audio podcasts of each panel from the 2007 Frontiers of New Media Symposium. Click on the title of the panel to play as an MP3, or right-click to download for listening elsewhere. (The 2009 podcasts are available here.)

    Keynote Address (see synopsis)

    • Henry Jenkins, “Participatory Culture, Lead Use(r)s, and Moral Economy: How Convergence Culture is Changing the Relations Between Producers and Consumers.”

    Panel One: Distance (see synopsis)

    • Lisa Gitelman, “Writing at a Distance: The Telegraph and ARPAnet”
    • Robert MacDougall, on the early telephone and the social construction of distance
    • Jason Loviglio, on National Public Radio’s construction of locality and distance through voice

    Panel Two: Space (see synopsis)

    • Jonathan Sterne, “A Plea for Infrastructure, with Apologies to Harold Innis: I’m Sorry for Macking Your Title, But You Were Still Wrong About That Stuff in ‘A Plea for Time.’”
    • Henry Lowood, on the history of Silicon Valley and the “New Hollywood” of the digital age
    • Tara McPherson, on networks, nodes, and the hollow pretense of multiculturalism

    Panel Three: Identities (see synopsis)

    • Leslie Berlin, on Frederick Jackson Turner, Joseph Schumpeter, and Silicon Valley
    • Greg Downey, on metadata, labor, and the “Push-Button Library”
    • Anna Everett, “The Viral Civil Rights Movement: Race, Space, and Place in Digital Media.”

    Synthesis & Discussion (see synopsis)

    • Tim Lenoir
    • Philip Deloria
    • Henry Jenkins