Dr. Geert Lovink to Deliver Keynote Address to the 2013 Frontiers of New Media Symposium

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On 21 September 2013,  Dr. Geert Lovink, Professor of Interactive Media at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Associate Professor of New Media at the University of Amsterdam, will deliver a keynote address to the 2013 Frontiers of New Media Symposium at the University of Utah.

The title of Dr. Lovink’s talk will be, “Social Media Discontent: Designing Alternative Platforms and Organized Networks.” This talk, described below, explores the possibilities that exist for more effectively resisting government and corporate systems of mass online surveillance.

Starting with Bernard Stiegler’s analysis of technology as “pharmacon” (the substance that is both a poison and a medicine), this lecture discusses the strategies that try to overcome the defensive mode of the current cyber rights movements against surveillance and copyright. It is important to say farewell to neo-liberal (a.k.a. libertarian) strategies that emphasize coalition building (“multi-stakeholderism”). Instead, the creation of a broad and radical civil rights movement is necessary if we are to resist not just the NSA but also monopolies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon for their hypocrisy and secret compliance with authorities. How can we get rid of the consensus model and come to a antagonist strategy? What alternatives to the corporate platforms have been developed so far and how can we support “federated” networks that are built on public infrastructures?

Dr. Lovink’s keynote will be held at 9:00 AM on September 21, 2013 in the Eccles Auditorium of the Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building (room 109) at the University of Utah.

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