The Departments of Communication and History at the University of Utah are proud to host the Frontiers of New Media Symposium in a region that has been pivotal to the development of computing and communication technologies. In an era when technologies for transportation and communication were virtually synonymous, the joining of the transcontinental railroad in Utah opened the nation both to faster transcontinental travel and, most importantly, communication. In fact, the first fully electronic television was invented by Utahn Philo T. Farnsworth and the University of Utah was one of the first four nodes on ARPANET, which eventually became the Internet.

Faculty and graduates from the University of Utah have made significant contributions to the development of computer graphics and have founded a number of leading firms in the computing industry. Just to name-drop a few:

  • John Warnock founded the Adobe company
  • Alan Ashton, U of U Ph.D. and former BYU faculty, founded WordPerfect
  • Ed Catmull is co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios
  • Jim Clark founded Silicon Graphics, Inc., Netscape Communications Corporation,and WebMD.
  • Alan Kay developed the first graphical user interface for personal computers
  • David Evans and Ivan Sutherland were pioneers in computer graphics and founded Evans & Sutherland, a leading computer graphics firm
  • Tom Stockham was a pioneer in the field of digital music recording

The University of Utah continues to be a leader in the area of computing and communication technology research. What better place to host this a symposium about the past, present, and future of these technologies than the University of Utah? For more information on past and upcoming Frontiers of New Media events, please explore this site.